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Action Spy Novel called Life of a Double Agent Written By Ex Peace Corps Kerr

Author Image Mikey Flynn (8 Posts)

Mikey Flynn is a writer from Co. Clare, Ireland. He is very, very shy.

In this great Action Spy Novel, follow the thrilling adventures of international CIA agent, Jim Hunt, as he is brought out of retirement to infiltrate the Russian secret city, K-26 in this great Action Spy Novel. In Life of a Double Agent, by Kenneth J. Kerr, readers get a play-by-play look into the complexity of global conspiracy. This intense story of adventure and danger is enhanced by the interesting settings created from Kerrs real-life global travel. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin="1483601684"] In his final mission, retired CIA agent Jim Hunt befriends the daughter of a senior Russian official working at a secret Russian city. He turns the official into a source of intelligence for the CIA. He puts himself in dangerous situations full of international intrigue to ensure the welfare of America.   I wrote the book because many of my friends thought I was working for the CIA when I joined the Peace Corps and went to Russia, Kerr says. It gave me the idea to write a book about a normal business guy who in addition to his business job worked for the CIA.   This realistic look inside the world of international intrigue and business will leave readers questioning to what extent the main character portrays the authors own international business career.   For more information about this thrilling action spy novel, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press.

Written by Mikey Flynn

Mikey Flynn is a writer from Co. Clare, Ireland. He is very, very shy.


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