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UK Muslim Student Group Declares War on London University

Author Image Scary Bird (7 Posts)

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UK Muslim group shouts “Islamophobia,” and issues threats after University of London bans Islamic supremacist speakers

Cameron did admit that friendly fellow, Mohammed al-Arefe into the UK.  Wrong move.

Al-Arefe is a complete … (word that ends with ‘ard’) stating: “Dedication to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to shatter skulls, and to sever an arm or legs because of Allah and in defense of his religion, is, most certainly, an honor for the believer. ”

Meanwhile Pamela Geller, who opposes jihad horror, was prohibited from entering the country.

So why is London University banning Abdur Raheem and Hamza Tzortzis when they should be offering both of these friendly guys honorary doctorates?

Needless to say, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) have had a hissy fit about its two prominent speakers being banned.

Abdur Raheem Green and Hamza Tzortzis were both banned this month for not complying with cautions from the Metropolitan Police.

Green has actually been criticized in the past for claiming that “Islam is not compatible with democracy” and claiming that a husband may utilize force, he advocates a light whipping for naughty wives, and Hamza Tzortzis has promoted barbaric punishments such as beheading, he has actually stated that homosexuality needs to be made a criminal act, and that Islam is not aligned with democracy. He is a former member of the Islamist team Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

iERA sent a vigorous email this week, requesting UK Muslim groups to “Provide 60 seconds to defend Islam and Muslims!”

The letter asks recipients to e-mail the college, calling UK Muslim students to direct their attention to Paul Wilkinson, the Director of Home and Facilities Administration at the College of London.

“Angry Muslims Unify!”

This  text was to be submitted to the college, demanding explanations as to the decision to ban these two speakers, and claiming to represent the whole UK Muslim population in the UK.

This whole matter is seen by the Muslim community as an Islamophobic and hostile attack on our values. If you do not reverse this decision, we will be vocally raising this issue in the Muslim community both here and abroad as to your stance against our community.”

A veiled threat of violence; and the implication of targeting LU directors with violence from Jihadist networks overseas.  Has London University woken up at last?  Or is this just compliance with the law.

Question: Why does this vicious cadre of priviliged students think it represents the Muslim majority?

There are plenty of Muslims who oppose such calls to violence, and who must speak up and be counted because there is a real danger of ‘tarring with the same brush’.

There is a need to balance such spurious agitation with the reality of society; England has a multitude of skilled workers, students, professionals, fellow citizens who happen to practice their Muslim faith, and who are contributing valuable knowledge, abilities, and friendship to British society. What a shame if that were to dissolve because of the hatemongers.

Now individual staff are in potential danger, and LU is under serious threat from a core group of extremist supporters in its midst. A long time coming that.

Written by Scary Bird


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